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Thread: sony trv 245 camcorder pixelated video on pc

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    Default sony trv 245 camcorder pixelated video on pc

    Hi, Im of course new to camcorders and hoped that someone could give me a quick uncomplicated answer to my problem. I have a sony trv 245 camcorder which has great picture on t.v, video recorder, lcd, but not on pc.
    Processor AMD Athlon(tm) Processor AuthenticAMD ~900 Mhz
    BIOS Version A6191O1 V1.06 30012001
    Total Physical Memory 255.43 MB
    hard drive 40gb
    nvdia tnt 64- 32mb
    The picture looks like giant pixels i guess that is called pixelated with strange colours. I am new to camcorders so have not any idea. supplied software is image mixer and supplied connection is usb. I have usb 1 and not 2 could this be the problem? screen resolution is hi colour 16 bit, 800x600 as suggested by image mixer. Please help as i have been trying to find the answer for days now but im sure it must be simple. I am going to defrag hard drive next as think i read that it could help this type of prob.

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    Defragging your hard drive will help. However you have to bear in mind that the Sony Bundled software will only capture in MPEG 1 standard.

    So if it is quality you are after, invest in a firewire card amd check out the guides to Digital Editing on this forum.

    Good luck!

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