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    Hi, i am myself a retail salesman for one of the bigger companies in Scandinavia, and would like to present to you a case a customer of mine and I are having with Pinnacle Studios regarding their product the Dazzle.

    The below correspondences are between John and Pinnacle themselves.

    Response (Julia U)
    11/21/2006 07:02
    Dear Mr. Stouder,

    As the current problem is not quite clear, please give me a good description of it and I'll see what I can do to solve it.
    Please tell me the software version you're using and the name of the hardware you're connecting to the PC (also what type of cables you're connecting between the camcorder and the Pinnacle device), together with the problem that you're having.

    Kind regards,
    Pinnacle Technical Support

    Customer (John Stouder)
    11/17/2006 13:27

    Dear Julia U

    All three options listed below were afforded by someone at Pinnacle or their service. You afforded two: 1. should have and 2. reference to faqid=13420. Check the thread. Your last help

    is completely out of line

    1. SHOULD BE
    2. MUST HAVE

    One out of the three is correct, two are faulty. Please coordinate Pinnacle Systems efforts and afford their customers (myself included) the correct info in all areas. The best way to make the corrections is via the internet either updates or downloads
    John A. Stouder
    home page
    Customer (John Stouder)
    11/17/2006 13:14
    I can't follow your instructions, I am out of video cameras - wipe out by following your tutorial instructions. Don't you comprend English? Please go to or pass on to your peers the below address and have them reply
    Response (Julia U)
    11/17/2006 10:45
    Dear Mr. Stouder,

    If there are any problems capturing, you should follow the instructions I gave you.

    Kind regards,
    Pinnacle Technical Support

    And this is an updated link to johns homepage on the case thanks for reading, and any responses regarding the case would be
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