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    I have just make a slide show with Windows Movie Maker and would like to burn it to a disc which I can play on my HI Mat DVD compatible recorder can anyone advise me how I do this. I have Windows XP

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    It looks like Microsloth has dropped support of HighMAT. -

    So this wouldn't be a good format for your slide show.
    If you can render your slide show to DVD standard MPEG2, you may be able to use Nero or other disc burning software to make a generic DVD.
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    or, for a quick and dirty 'fix' for now. Just create a data disk (CD only I think) of JPG files. Pop it in your DVD player. I'd be surpised if it didn't display them as a slideshow. My player, I have to indicate which one to start with and then it does the rest. Likely a bare bone slideshow but it works.

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