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    Please bear with me on this as I am a novice at this game.I have a number of old vhs tapes and a number of tapes from an analogue camcorder I want to put onto dvd.

    I have started using premier elements 3 for capturing and editing digital video. When I try to capture the analogue video I have problems. I have tried using a borrowed Cameramate analogue to digital converter
    but elements doesnt detect it and I get the message that the source is offline.I have also tried capturing via an old Pinnacle dc10 plus card with what I think are the latest updated windows drivers again elements doesnt detect this.

    I read somwhere on this site that the pinnacle capture card would only work with pinnacle software in windows xp. Can soneone confirm this and has anyone had experience of using the Camera mate?

    Unfortunately I can see the outcome of this being I need a new capture device/analogue to digital converter. In that case what would people recommend?

    Thanks for any help and advice.

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    Premiere is very picky and choosy about what cards it will work with and won't work with. It's mainly setup now to work with digital video and that means Firewire. You could try something like the Pinnacle Studio 500 USB or maybe it's now a 600 (I'm looking at an out of date catalogue beside me) or Pinnacle Studio 700 USB or Pinnacle Studio 500 PCI, again I'm sure there are up to date versions of all of these pieces of hardware out now. Some have only analogue capture ports while others have a mixture of analogue and digital namely a Firewire socket. The reason why you are getting the 'offline' message is because Premiere can't detect it and therefore can't make it 'online' or activate it. Who makes CameraMate? Never heard of it. What spec is your computer? Don't buy a D to A convertor, just get a more up to date capture card with the required sockets (analogue and digital) and use that instead for capturing.

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    Thanks for that. There is a link in my original post to the cameramate.

    My pc is Windows xp MCE with SP2,Pentium 4 3GHz, with 2 SATA HDD 160 and 240 Gb.

    As you suggest will probably look for latest Pinnacle as I had some success with pinnacle DC10 plus running on windows Me.

    Thanks once again.

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    I couldn't determine from your post whether you have a dv camcorder already. If you do, I don't suppose it has an inbuilt analogue to digital conversion feature?

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    Yes I do have a DV camcorder, unfortunately not with analogue throughput.

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    When I do this for clients I dont use Premiere to capture simply because it wont let you. I use another program using a USB device and then edit through Premiere and put it onto DVD using Encore.


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    Actually, I use Matrox RTX 100, If do analog and digital capture and edit, it is professional and perfect in my system. If you like it, try to buy it from Matrox or from Ebay, but you have to check that if your system work well with it. Cause I have to change my motherboard and CPU to use it.
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