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    Can somebody tell me how to freeze a clip (like shown in the first 5 seconds of the movie in the link above) for a few seconds so i can add a title in there and then unfreeze it in adobe premiere pro 7.

    If you watch the first 5 seconds of that video you will know what i am talking about.

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    Razor the clip where to want it to stop >>>> razor the same clip again at the duration point you want it to start again >>> push the clip in the timeline in front of the razored clip further up the timeline >>> copy and paste the razored clip into the timeline again so you have it in there twice running >>> on the original razored clip, right clip and select 'Frame Hold', select 'In Point' >>> then close any gaps in timeline. Hope this helps

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    You could also use a still frame by moving the playback head over the scene in the clip and exporting a still of that scene. I think it's saved as a .bmp and just reimport it back into the project and place it on the timeline where you want the freeze to start and change the graphics duration from the default 6 seconds to whatever you want. You could also place a transition such as a Cross Dissolve at the start or end or both to make a much smoother beginning and or end, rather than just a straight cut which might be too abrupt and noticable.

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