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Thread: Exporting Project results in horizontal lines

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    Default Exporting Project results in horizontal lines

    Who could help me with the following???:

    First I open Premiere Elements 1.0 and capture my DV video on .avi files.
    --> This results in excellent quality avi files (all fine here!)

    Then I edit it a bit with standard transitions and cut out some obsolete frames. To finish it off in Premiere Elements I render it completely
    --> When looking at the preview in Premiere, all still looks quite ok (just a slight loss of quality)

    THEN I save it to MPEG format (DVD/PAL)
    --> All shots where the camcorder made some quick movements, show very irritating horizontal lines, however when the camcorder is "not moving" no lines are shown...

    What can I do to prevent these horizontal lines!?!? Could it be the video card (even if the avi files created show a very high quality)?!?!?

    I even tried it all with just a single track, all goes well, untill exporting it to a new file (MPEG, WMV, VOB all the same horizontal lines, WMV even more...).

    Looking forward to your feedback!
    Thanks in advance,

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    This is quite deliberate and correct. Those lines are exactly what you want. It's all a question of interlacing and is covered in section 1 (no less) on the FAQ. But in short...

    Your PC monitor is non-interlaced but the MPEG2 video you just output is in designed for an interlaced display (i.e. a TV set) and you just happen to get this worrying effect when viewinig an intelaced signal on a non-interlaced device.

    Cut your DVD and wastch it on a set top box and all will be ok - unless you messed up further....

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