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    I've well and truely out grown windows movie maker and need advice on the next step.

    I like the simple timeline layout of the application, but suffer when it comes to adding additional audio lines and trying to compress for Flash and the web.

    For the sound I want to add another line for music and then do commentary over the lot so run short on audio line.

    While WMV was a great compression standard for the web, things have moved on and flash seems better. Problem is that I have tried 10 different exports from windows and 4 different Flash compression apps with a number of problems (breaks in video/audio, blury...), so would prefer a one stop shop.

    Good to get feedback on the both the lower end and higher end of the market.

    I'm editing mountain bike footage up to eight minutes long and publishing.

    How are other editing footage and posting to the web?


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    I am a vegas fan, they also do a value version of thier software and I believe they can all be trialed for free from the sony vegas site. Check out the links page on this site for lots of other free trials.

    As for flash, I dont like it, I usually use wmv as I feel it gives best quality / bit rate (similar to divx), it streams on most systems - very portable as a delivery format.

    I dont like flash at all, cant be full screened - but i dont know much about it's quality as I dont really use it.

    People often use it I think because it is harder to copy films in this format, but personally i quite like the idea of people copying my films.

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    More people copy your films the more people get to know your name.

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    Never used Vegas, Mark - but your films are a good advertisement for it.

    I'm going to speak up for Premiere because its been my editing learning curve.

    Knowing what I know now, if I were in your position Steve I'd look for a genuine version of, say, Premiere 6.5. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the latest version but it is still a killer application. You can pick them up on eBay for a song if you are careful. Loads of used tutorial books out there too.

    If your editing hobby fades, you wont have invested/wasted much. If it doesn't, 6.5 will keep you 'at it' for ages.

    Mark - isn't plagiarism the highest form of flattery?

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    Thanks bert.

    Premier / vegas, they are both great.

    Plagiarism - Indeed, the only slight twinge I have with copies of my videos being made is that I then dont know how many people have watched it. Vanity I know but I enjoy looking at my web stats to see what is 'hot'.

    I secretly hope I will do a real viral vid one day and get millions of looks, but the nearest I have come is my ocean finance ad that got up to 1000 a month for a bit and now is arounbd 100 to 300 looks a month. One day.....

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