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    i own a jvc everio... and i need a recommendation on what software to buy...

    it seems that it makes a new file everytime "Pause" is pushed... so if i am recording my kid for 5 minutes and push "Pause" 8 times.. it makes 8 seperate files...

    is there a software program that connects those files together to make one single file?


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    Do this with music editing software, suggests Software. Using “Paste – Insert” command; can combine different sound files together and make as one single file. Press the Play button to hear the result, and then giving the audio file a new name, save the file using “Save As” command.

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    Hi Cadmaster,

    What editing software did you get with your camera, if any? If you have a PC with Windows XP on it then you will have Windows Movie Maker 2, which should allow you to capture all the files your camera creates and you can then reassemble them, edit them, delete the ones that didn't turn out the way you wanted to, you may be able to do that on the JVC itself, but what you are asking can be done in WMM2 and I wouldn't worry about the camera creating files. Just remember to transfer them off the camera onto the computer before the internal HDD fills up, and you have no space left to do any more recordings.

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