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Thread: This Video Editing Junkie Needed a Fix

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    Default This Video Editing Junkie Needed a Fix

    With me being on extended holiday in the United States, and with my beloved video camera and equipment somewhere in a shipping container heading for Kuwait, this Video Editing Junkie has been suffering severe withdrawal symptoms. The mental pain is awful! - smile

    Desperately needing an editing fix, but with only my laptop editor and an Internet connection available, I lucked out this week. Through chance I met up with a local gentleman who has a website dedicated to an old Ghost Railroad that once operated in nearby Eastern Kentucky. Having grown up in that area myself, and sharing a life-long common interest in the history of that old railroad and its folklore (The Eastern Kentucky Railroad - Abandoned 1933), we agreed to pursue making a documentary about it. It will be a long-term project and take a couple of years to develop. At least I will have something meaningful to do with my spare time while living in Kuwait.

    Ok, fine and dandy, I now have a reliable supply for my habit to hold me the next couple of years...but I needed a quick fix NOW!!! Having editing software on my laptop was useless, unless I had something to edit. So, in desperation, I tried something entirely new and, thanks to the bells and whistles in the Vegas editing software, I was able to produce a short proof-of-concept video for the documentary using only some digital images of old photographs and a few obscure film clips found on the Internet. And, thanks to the addition of a few stills from my wife's digital camera this weekend, the following 04:30 length short video was Imagineered:

    Note: The above link is superior in playback quality compared to the one I originally posted.

    Feedback appreciated.
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