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Thread: Canon camcorder problem. Please help...

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    Default Canon camcorder problem. Please help...

    I have a canon mvx250i camcoder that is having problems with its zoom. Sometimes it will zoom in (to the closest zoom) on its own, and when I try and zoom out - it will slowly zoom out, but then after I let go of the zoom out switch it automatically zooms back in on its own (to the closest zoom again). After a couple days it normally reverts back to normal functioning and the zoom works fine. This problem seems to happen after I recharge the battery (I don't know whether this is a coincidence or not). Anyway, this time the camera is not reverting back to its normal functioning and it seems to be stuck with this zoom problem. Please help.....thanks!

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    Can you actually see the camera zooming in and out while looking at the lcd screen or through the viewfinder? Does the zoom lever move aswell when it is doing this? Are you using a mobile phone or a remote control for some other device (tv, vcr or dvd player) when the camera is on? The only other thing I can think of is that there is a problem with the servo motor that moves the lens inside the camera and it are activating when it shouldn't be. If this is the cause then contact Canon.

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    Has anyone got any more ideas about this problem. I have a canon mvx350i which has
    developed exactly the same problem. When it is zooming in the zoom bar appears in the
    viewfinder exactly as if one was pushing the zoom control. In my case too the problem
    started off intermittant but appears to have become permanent. Canon support suggest
    sending it in for repair but that will presumably cost lots of money...

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    I have had seceral cams do this over the years and it tunred out to be a fualt with the rocker / switch mechanisms - I got new cams each time but fixed one myself by fiddlind as the problem was mechanical.

    Getting cameras fixed is rarely economically sensible - exoect to pay 200 for most simple faults.

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    I had this problem on this camera. I found the battery removal rechnique seemed to work for only a short while, then the problem would come back repeatedly. I looked into just buying a new one but when I explained the problem to a salesman in an independent camera shop, he asked me if I'd just tried hitting the top of the camera. Apparently the motor sometimes gets stuck. Since the camera was virtually useless I tried this (hit it 2 or 3 times quite firmly, near the lens and by the accessory shoe). Now it zooms in and out perfectly and so far hasn't reverted to its problem state.

    Must try to give the camera shop some other business - maybe when I buy a new stills camera

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    I have a slightly different problem - I have a Legria HF200 . It has worked fine, then one day I got it out and tried to power it up - the lens cover opened, the zoom went in and out and the viewing screen went all blue only - then zilch. It will not even power off unless you remove power lead/ battery. The lens cover will not close. I found the reset switch and used a paper clip to press it while operating the power on switch - that reset everything to normal and the camera worked. I did a couple of things - adjusted settings, checked SDHC card etc - powered off, removed battery and then later tried to power up - same problem - but this time reset switch had no effect. I have left it with both power on, power off and with no power lead/ battery in place for hours at a time to cool off - all with zero effect. Desperate for any other ideas before I send it for expensive repair etc..

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