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Thread: High Quality Rendering

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    Cool High Quality Rendering

    I have been making a project for a while now and i've finally finished it.
    I am now trying to make the video quality very high. Maybe to the size of 1024 x 768. Its a high quaility for me because i usualy work on basic half quality videos that are fine to play and watch.

    I am pretty new to Adobe Premiere 6.5 but i've got to learn alot of things. How can i make the video size bigger?

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    It's an overkill to make them 1024 x 768 as the quality wont be any better and viewers can play the videos full screen anyway

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    I mean, make it so its full screen without any loss of quality. Most of the time my videos are about three quarters of the screen big and when you make it full screen. It loses some quality by stretching the video to fit the full screen.

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    Presumably your video was shot as SD. You could use (if there is one or make your own) a project preset in Premiere of the dimensions you want. To fill the screen though you will have toi digitally zoom your image. But remember that this will in no way add detail to the image and that you will get some loss in quality by doing it. It might be a better result than enlarging during playback by WMP or something but not enough to worry about I expect.

    plus if you do change project dimension you will then have the issue of how you export for DVD if you ever decide to distribute your work that way etc etc.

    Or... upgrade and work in high def. Tha\t way you'll only ever be reducing and so will never lose quality. At least not in the sense you mean.

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    I am using a DV camera, when i plug it in to watch on my 16 : 9 widescreen tv i have a very high quality video. I am trying to make it that quality but 1024 x 768.

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    You can't.

    It would be like trying to enlarge a document in a photocopier from A4 to A3 whilst expecting original clarity.

    Standard DV footage that looks great on your telly will look smaller on your PC monitor due to the difference in resolution properties. Expanding the footage to full screen does make it look a bit fluffy. But try watching the full-screen footage on your PC monitor from, say, 10 feet away - it will look just as good as your telly.

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