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Thread: Budget 16:9 DV Cam recommendations?

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    Default Budget 16:9 DV Cam recommendations?

    I'm just looking about for a cheapish budget camcorder, ideally around 150 (or nearish if its worth it.)
    I've previously used analogue and digitized, so I've got little experience in what makes a good DV camera, although I know it needs mini DV tapes as I want to edit them. I was looking on the Canon website, as I know someone with an MV 700 and it works well but I couldn't determine the difference between their Megapixel and Non-Megapixel range.

    My main requirements are:
    16:9 true recording (the world's getting wider, let's join in!)
    DV (not DVD, HD etc.)
    Compact / Lightweight (no real max weight, just something thats easy to carry around and not an over-the-shoulder job, but you'd never get one of them in my budget anyway.)

    The budget might be little thin but I was just wondering what's available. I'd prefer a new one, not an Ebay one.

    If anyone has a decent budget camera or would recommend one (or avoid one) please say, all info is much appreciated


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    I am not sure there would be much new at that price, personally i would go for a e bay job. Cant reccomend a specific camera, there are so many out there.

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    I thought the budget might be a little low. Ebay is good but I'm a bit wary of buying expensive stuff on there.

    Would you recommend a specific manufacturer or any other features that are really worth having?


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