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Thread: Rendering my movie

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    Default Rendering my movie

    Hi guys

    I have finnaly complete my vacation/wedding video, that I made for my best friend who got married in august in florida. The film is about 1 hour and 15 minutes long. I want the highest quality I can get without having to use 2 dvds.

    It has footage mostly from dv cameras, but also a few avis i got from stock footage.
    One problem I did have was, my friend shot his stuff in normal screen, and i shot my stuff in wide screen. So i had to bascily make the project in normal screen, and put black bars across the top and bottom in premier to give the effect that is was all shot the same. Alot of resizeing has been done, and it looks fine, now that I have made sure heads are not cut off etc.

    I would really appreciate some good advice, which im sure I will get.

    Any one help????
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    any ideas anyone? or are you all stumped :(
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    We don't know what the question is.
    I would really appreciate some good advice
    Best advice I can give at this point is "buy low sell high."

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    how can i get the best quality of what ive done on one dvd? (dual layer could be a option)
    i have prem pro 2 and canopus procoder 2
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    ^^if you cant use the maximum bitrate then work out exactly what it is by using the formuler(sp) found in the help files. or use duel layer if it cant all fit on one dvd without the maxaim bit rate. use a high constent bitrite. and think about where this is going to be played - a computer of television - you may need to deintlence you footage..

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    its going to be played on a large tv. i dont realy understand what you mean about formulars etc? is it best to render it out as a avi file first and if so, what settings?
    sorry for being a pain!
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    on a tv use 'lower feild first'........ - if you put it as an avi use 'dv avi'.. I'd do a search for 'export' in the help section - it explains everything there...
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    is it best to render it as a avi or mpeg 2 first
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    If you have Procoder I would render it first in PP2 as an AVI and then encode the AVI for DVD with Procoder

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    what settings should the avi be rendered at?
    sorry to be cluesless
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