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    I am relatively inexperienced in the world of the digital video (my most professional effort thus far can be found here ).

    What I am looking for is a book with tips for medium level players. I am starting to edit my 8 years of backlogged footage on my new Mac, and want a book that will give me tips on editing as well as shooting new footage. All the books I have found thus far have chapter titles like 'Adding titles to videos' , what I want is more like 'Bullet time with a camcorder' or 'Advanced shooting techniques from the movies' etc.

    Thanks in advance, and please be gentle!

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    HAHAHA that is quality, love it.

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    hey that's pretty good---
    in some places you could see where he kicked it off to the side, and the next shot showed it coming straigh at him, but very good overall..

    I think it's time you got yourself something a little more advanced than Windows Movie Maker.
    more to see??

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