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    Default Delta Films

    My name is Jesse and I am a member of the amatuer film group "Delta Films".
    We specialize in fact thats all we do. We make great videos, we realy do, but don't have the attention we deserve.

    I am here to advertise our group to the masses and gain some much wanted support!

    Please veiw our short but expanding selection of videos and feel free to critique and what not. Please just give us some attention!

    Thank you and a link to our home page is provided in my signature.

    I look forward to being an active member of this community.

    Thanks and hello,

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    Welcome to Videoforums!

    I liked your stuff, thanks for sharing it.

    A couple of words of warning... you might get a bit of criticism on this forum, don't take it as a personal attack, it's just our opinion and sometimes it sounds harsh in a written form. It's not meant like that.

    I really look forward to seeing your future projects.

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    Really love the Tetris video. Pretty funny!

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    We have no fear of critisism!

    We prefer to know what our fans want!

    Also, Southwars 1 was our really bad video, but, we have to include it!

    We just ask that you leave southwars 1 out of really sucks.

    Also we began filming our next video entitled.

    Delta Rangers: Attack Of The Smuggler!

    This video is quite simply hilarious and should be out within the month!

    Thanks again,

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