I need to reproduce 200 DVD's of a short (3 min) product info movie I made for my brother-in-law. I've done some online shopping and it looks like $500-$700 for 200 DVD's. I can by the disc and jacket's for just under $200. I've found one manual duplicator for $280. I realize there will be a considerable amount of time to do this two disc at a time, but time I've got money I don't.(At least not $1000+ for an automatic duplicator). Is anyone using a duplicator that they would recommend? I would consider a price range of $500 or less. Anyone know of a company that would do 200 for less than $500 I would also be interested in that. If I spend much over $500 I'll buy the duplicator and do it myself. Hey, a toy like this could come in handy later. Any other ideas would also be appreciated. EXCEPT one at a time in my CPU burner. This is the last resort for 200 disc. Thanks in advance.