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    Don't know how any of you feel about this, personally I was (jaw dropped). I got real curious to day, and decided to look for a dvix dvd player. Most of what I have read is no, not going to happen. but low and behold itís out there. Actually many exist, but this is the one with the best reviews. Some of you will most likly say "I knew that", and other will say "oh my god". This thing plays just about everything. You can hold 4 good quality movies on one dvd, or two full dvd(9.gig) movies. Compressed that is. it sure beats buying 9 gig dvdr drives. I guess some of you will take a disliking to this. I'm looking for feed back mainly.

    read up here

    ps. hope this isn't offensive or WaReZ LiKe

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    nowt wrong with talking about mpeg-4 players.

    Some of them are excellent, yeah. Cheap too. You can get them for 70-ish quid, and the playback quality's good.

    They're not as future-proof as setting yourself up an xbox, but for half the price, you can't moan/

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    its really a nice video platform thanks to given the information of this forum . I am new for this forum..
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