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Thread: capture problem..

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    Cool capture problem..

    I am working with premiere 6.5 . I do not know what happend.. I went to movie capture a dv I had made a year ago, and can not get it to stop losing frames. It plays fine in the capture window. but the second I press record it begins to skip and drop frames, but is still playing correctly on my camera.. I had tried to take off the video and just capture the sound and that works fine. So I know it has to do with the video capturing but have no idea how to fix it. can anyone help me?

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    What spec is your computer? How old is it, how much memory does it have, what type and speed is the processor, how much hard disk space do you have, when did you last defragment your hard disk. Do you capture to the computer hard disk or an external one? Is it a laptop or desktop and did you use Firewire or USB to capture, always use Firewire were available.

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