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Thread: capture problem..

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    Cool capture problem..

    I do not know what happend.. I went to movie capture a dv I had made a year ago, and can not get it to stop losing frames. It plays fine in the capture window. but the second I press record it begins to skip and drop frames, but is still playing correctly on my camera.. I had tried to take off the video and just capture the sound and that works fine. So I know it has to do with the video capturing but have no idea how to fix it. can anyone help me?

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    IF the tape is old then it may simply have degraded enough for frames to get dropped. Your capture s/w will count every single dropped frame but unless it's more than one a second then you may simply not detect it visually from watching on the camera.

    What is the droped frame count per minute or second then? As anoying as it seems it may not be noticable to the average joe and might simply be the price to pay for capturing an old tape.

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    I thought it may be the tape also. so I tried to capture with a new tape. And the problem continues. it is not just my premiere that it is losing frames either.. I tried on all of my other editing software. same same. I am losing about 60 frames a minute.

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    It does not start dropping right away it usually takes a few seconds of capture to begin. so I did a small capture to see how what I captured played back in media... it is extremely slow playback maybe that is why it is losing frames. However I have tried changing all the cature speeds and have no success. really stumped here

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    I know it's obvious but, try defragging the hard drive and check that nothing else is running whilst capturing.
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    Was the original footage shot at standard speed, or using long/extended play?

    I have had problems importing stuff recorded using the long play mode.

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