Worldwide online voting is in full swing for the Cinematic CD Film2Music Competition. Watch over 90 short films in a diversity of genres and vote for your favorite(s) at The film with the most audience votes will receive $5,000.

This summer, we invited filmmakers from all over the world to create a short film to a track of their choice from the CD "Cinematic" by Kubilay Uner, using nothing besides the music in the film’s audio track.

Filmmakers from four continents participated, ranging from film students to professional filmmakers to visual artists of various disciplines. With over 90 films submitted, there is a plethora of genres: Thoughtful dramas, quirky comedies, abstract shorts, even a historical drama and a mockumentary.

Most fascinating aspect to all of us here: Seeing the widely differing interpretations of the same pieces of music by different filmmakers.

While the public votes to determine the Online Audience Award winner, our panel of six internationally renowned filmmakers is currently in the process of selecting the Grand Prize winner ($10,000) and two Second Prizes (set at $1,000 each). The jury includes writer/director Michael Polish (Twin Falls Idaho, Northfork), producer Clark Peterson (Monster, My Date with Drew), producer Jackie George (Demolition Man, Richie Rich), producer/director James C. Hart (CSI, Chicago Hope), Cinematographer M. David Mullen, ASC (Akeelah and the Bee) and animator/producer Dave Bossert (Creative Director for Special Projects at Disney Animation, Fantasia 2000).

In addition to the $10,000 award, the Grand Prize winner will also get a personal meeting with Ken Greenblatt from the Paradigm Agency, one of Hollywood's leading talent brokers, as well as a meeting with producer Jackie George.

Online voting for the Cinematic CD Film2Music Competition closes Sunday, Nov. 26th at midnight PST.

For more information, to view films and to vote, visit