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Thread: New to this - dodgy hardware - please help!

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    Angry New to this - dodgy hardware - please help!


    Have captured video from Camcorder (SD card based) and recordings from PC based freeview. The software (Pinnacle and Ulead) both work fine in converting the files and copying to DVD but they take an absolute age - a general rule of thumb is my PC takes about 4 hours to prepare one hour of film and then copy it to DVD!.

    My Processor is an AMD Athlon 2000+ running with 768Meg of memory.

    Would somebody please let me know if my problem is settings based or is this the sort of performance I should expect from this configuration ?

    Any suggestions as to the best type of processor for video editing / movie creation would be greatly received.


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    That amount of time is entirely reasonable for encoding. If you have it on the highest setting, it is most likely to do "2-pass" encoding, which (cutting the jargon) has to do the encoding bit twice.

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    Do you have any suggestions as to a decent package that will quickly copy programmes recorded via a PC based freeview box onto a DVD ?

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    as the dvd will need encoding so your dvd player can read it you will still be looking at a 4hour wait for about an hour of video. there are a few little ways of speeding up the process but they will prolly only cut 30mins or so and your quality is reduced.

    the only way you could do it quicker is to record to a dvd-recorder (the TV type like a vhs recoder) that will record from a tv out or dv out device from your pc. this will be real time recording so you are still looking at an hour if your video is that long! plus you dont get menus and any fancy bits

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