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Thread: Help! mpg clips don't work

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    Default Help! mpg clips don't work

    i have a problem, in premiere 6.5.
    i used 2 or 3 mpg clips in my timeline, and they worked well, but since 3 days they work no more...
    i explain:
    i see the first frame of the clip in the timeline, and for every .avi clips i see the right first frame, for .mpg clips i see only a black frame... and all the clip is black.
    the strange thing is this:
    i can see mpg clips in the source monitor but in timeline i can't i have only a black screnn. in the program monitor i have a black screen with a white x on the top left of the screen...
    if i render the mpg clips i get a black clip, if i export it i get a black clip...
    can u help me?

    thanx a lot

    p.s. sorry for the bad english...
    \"Dodge this\"


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    heh, i have the same problem, only that mine comes up as scrambled video and im using AVI source. See my post (avi problems on premiere 7 pro) for a screen shot. if i find out what the prob is ill let ya know.

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