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Thread: komatoast on the BBC?!

  1. Default komatoast on the BBC?!

    some said it would never happen....... they were wrong!!! muHaa haa haa haaaaa!

    well it was nothing sectacular.... last sunday the politics show did a regional report on a pro- B N P / racist website and the problem of people who appose racism and general nastyness are being 'targeted' on this site... the band (random hand) who we film from time to time were on the show as they has been named and even show on this site!

    the producers wanted to show a little of the band playing live and so the video we did for random hands website suited just fine

    we hit the big time boys - well kind of - there was not recognition given!!! and they said there would be! what do i pay my licence fee for ey?

    anyhoo here is that video ->

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    Ah, welcome to the club Koma. Every time my Billy Fury story footage gets shown (up to six now I think) I dont get a mention. Both beeb and itv have shown it. I know that for people like the Guru it's almost an everyday event, but I still get a zing of pride when I see my stuff on telly. Daft really.

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    yeah its a bloody good feeling... i may use a tag line like 'komatoast - BBC approved'

    the thing i am most peeved about is the fact that they said we would get credit for it! thats just mean! but no matter, its a nice thing to have in our portfolio

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    Cool! I know the feeling, I managed 20 sec of footage on the local news once, still waiting for the oscar.

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    they just dangle fame in front of you like a carrot for a donkey and when the credits roll its taken away :(

    but still... its all good stuff

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    Hey! I used to live in Keighley


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