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Thread: RED finnish newschool movie downloadsite

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    Talking RED finnish newschool movie downloadsite

    Hello everyone!

    We are happy to tell you that new newschool skiing movie from finland
    is now online at
    best skiers in finland and great edit by

    Hope you enjoy the movie and will spread the word around the world
    about this movie. we have made this all only with our own money and
    we are not planning to make any money with it. itīs just because we
    want to make this one for all of you!

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    350MB mate no one is going to watch it!! I would at least put 2 versions up there, low quality and high quality. I can't watch it here because i am in work so sorry did not look at the movie. But will try to watch it after work, but if its going to take the rest of my life to download sorry i will not watch it.
    DUDE were's my car

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