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    Hello Everyone.

    I've been editing videos for a little now, and i've been curious about something. What's the easiest way to overlay an image over the actual video. For example, if I wanted to switch my face with a famous artist and have it move with my head, what program would I use? Any advice would be most useful. Thanks


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    you need a multi layer capable editor which supports transparency.

    There are some good editors under £100 like movie plus and premiere elements that will do this and of course all pro editors are capable, like Premiere pro, edius, vegas etc.

    To do what you want you will also need an image editor, so maybe buying Premiere elements and Photoshop elements or movieplus and photoplus together would be a good move.
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    Very fiddly and time consuming to anything like that.

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    I have to agree with Mark W as it is very fiddly and time consuming, then again if you have a lot of time on your hands and you are VERY patient you could do it. You would need to film yourself moving in the same manner as the person who's head you wanted to superimpose on your own. There's no good you filming yourself walking to the left of the screen and only have video of the 'head' going in the opposite direction. Unless you want to create a comical effect that is. Masking, rotoscoping, keyframes and an alpha channel would all need to be used to produce a convincing effect and you would need software like After Effects that has all these facilities.

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