I was making an svcd using ulead 8. The disk was to contain 4 mpgs with a menu. The first video was edited and rendered using ulead 8. The rest were edited and rendered in Pinnacle studio 7.

In the burned svcd, videos 2 and 3 had choppy sound. The first and fourth videos had perfect sound. All four had perfect videos.

I then tried making the same compilation, this time using Nero 6. I got the same results - choppy sound on videos 2 & 3.

Rendered as mpg (stored in the hard disk) and played using Windows media player they were all perfect.

What could be wrong?

I have a P4 with an Intel 1.8MHz processor, a 64MB NVIDIA GeForce MX/MX 400 card, a Creative sound card, 1GB on board and a Sony CRX225A CD writer.

I am burning svcd because I don't have a DVD writer yet.

I would appreciate your help.