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Thread: Splitting/trimming DVD

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    Default Splitting/trimming DVD

    Alright so i have a video that runs for like 2 hours and there is a part in the middle that i want to conserve and then re-encode for web viewing. Anyone have suggestions on how I could do this? I was thinking to decrypt it with DVD-Decryptor and then use some software to trim the vob file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    you can use Imtoo zune creator or DVD to zune converter,they can both edit video chip

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    Lightbulb How to rip DVD and put DVD on Zune

    This document will show you how to rip DVD movie to Zune video format and the easy way to put DVD on Zune. After these jobs, you can watch the DVD movie on the Zune. Here we recommend a dvd to zune tool, called dvdxsoft DVD to Zune Converter from . This tool will help you rip dvd movie to Zune format files quite easily!

    How to rip DVD to Zune Video Format through dvdxsoft DVD to Zune Converter?

    1. Download the fastest DVD to Zune Ripper software dvdxsoft DVD to Zune Converter from , and install this software.

    2. Insert any DVD disc into your DVD-ROM and launch dvdxsoft DVD to Zune Converter. Click "Open" button button to load DVD and show chapters in list box. The concise interface is as follows:

    3. Select chapters, audio, subtitles from listbox you want to convert.

    4. Click "Output folder" button to select an output path, or you can use the default path:, select output format and resolution.

    3. Click "Convert button" to Start convert and rip DVD format to Zune video

    4. When Converting is finished, you can directly put the converted video to your Zune. Just enjoy your favorite DVD movie on your Zune.

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    Thumbs down

    If you took the time & trouble to understand the rather special character of this forum, you’d realise your blatant adverts stick out like a sore thumb.

    If you believe in this software, fair enough – but you’re going the wrong way about promoting it, and nobody here is being fooled.

    You’re demonstrating contempt for forum users better than if you’d said so in words. Some people just won’t give up.

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    WARNING...Do not go near Zune!

    For some reason Zune can cause all sorts of incompatability problems! Zune really should be avoided at all costs! It took me ages to sort out my computer after installing Zune.

    I see that a few guys are trying to promote Zune on this website...Naughty! since one of them even calls himself Li-liar (this is how we pronounce little liar in the usa!) they know that they're promoting dodgy software.

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    VideoCharge can handle DVDs, extract scenes and save them in different formats. It is not a free tool but you can evaluate a full-blown version during 20-day trial period. Support team can help you with settings if you wish.

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