Canon HD camera using Rebel XT lenses, 4-6 Meg Pixel still camera combo.

I would like to use my Canon lenses with a new Canon HD capable camera with high resolution still camera option.

During some of my video work, I find it very helpful to be able to shoot stills during the video. Since I can't use an assistant, the best solution would be
to shoot the stills myself.

I would like to:

1. Use my Canon SLR lenses
2. Avoid excess shutter noise while video-ing
3. Shoot both modes simultaneously
4. Flash option for still camera
5. HD high definition for future HDTV viewing
6. Video for 2 hour or more sessions
7. Hard drive options for continuous extended video sessions
8. Zooming, start/stop recording control via remote control
9. Viewing via S-video to a laptop
10. 13 GB approx is 1 hour - how many ___ GB for HD 1 hour?

Is this possible?

Thanks, Dave Y