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    Im stuck between 3 options for a new pc, i posted earlier about the need to edit hdv natively and realised that i can actually get a suitable PC from the consumer market aslong as its near the top end. I have vouchers for my new PC but they can only be used in PC world due to funding etc so im kinda limited to what they have. Im stuck between these 3 machines...



    I really dont want to be paying extra hundreds of pounds for permormance i wont really see in video editing, so im looking for the system that will give me the best perfromance. I think i may have over looked a few machines but this was what looked best to my knowledge.

    Thanks for the help

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    I would go for the first one. The core duo is a new processor and b marks better than the 'old' dual core pentium in all areas.

    Having said that the other two would be great as well, but I think the core duo would have the edge as the fastest cpu and that is what you need for editing.

    Which ever one you choose I would advise adding a second drive for video.

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    thanks for the good advice as per usual mark.

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