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    Not posted on here for an age... hope everyone is well.

    My better half was out for the day yesterday so I thought I would spend the avo filming a spoof M&S vid... as you do.

    I ended up using the digital photography lighting kit we use for work to light it, not ideal I am sure, and very sketchy in places.

    Back story is that the better half's family are terrible cooks and have nearly killed people on occasion, so I thought the vid would be a giggle... and yes, the voiceover is me doing an "emily howard" impression.

    Yep, I should get out more.

    You can see it here:

    10 Yetis have been known to have the odd dabble at marketing n\' stuff, penguins need not apply.

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    Tee hee. I like the idea, I liked the photography, I just find the voice-over really annoying.
    If you'd done it "straight" without trying to make a funny pythonesque voice, it would have worked much better. IMHO

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    yeah, the voiceover was a dilemma... I did four different script accent recordings, a straight one, a south west one (cider related), emily howard one and an attempt at sultry female.

    The straight one I thought sounded too straight and very amateur, the south west one was crap and sound levels all over the shop and the sultry female... well it was wrong, very very wrong! In the end I opted for Emily as I thought it was the most fun and fitted.

    I agree though, and as you can tell, the voiceover took the longest just trying to work out which to use.

    10 Yetis have been known to have the odd dabble at marketing n\' stuff, penguins need not apply.

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    Ha, like the chocoloate pudding / custard... A and E food... excellent.

    I did a spoof that i think i have posted previously using the M and s idea mixed in with an anti macd idea.

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    I love that mc d one really great!
    You seemed to have really captured the feel,colour,tone,....."dunno feels like a REAL advert"

    You have to make more ads mark


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    Just great. Love the way that custard lands on the pudding..... And I thought the v/o was suitably silly. Great stuff.

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    Made me smile.

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