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Thread: Can't view DVD on stand alone player

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    Question Can't view DVD on stand alone player

    Help!! I have a Panasonic NV-GS17. I have successfully captured the video onto my PC with Windows Movie Maker. I have transferred the movie onto a DVD-R disc but can only view it on the laptop that it was made on. I am completely untechie and need some help please. I want to be able to view the movie on any stand alone DVD player in order to send it to grandparents etc.

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    It sounds like you have just copied the AVI file to the DVD. That won't work. It needs to be 'Authored', a complex process that transforms the AVI into the sorts of files DVD players understand.

    DVD players are rather stupid (though the newer models are getting smarter) and don't have anywhere near the same computing power a PC does.. if they did they'd cost the same. So to make the DVD players cheap enough, the DVD standards people put a lot of smarts into how the DVD itself is put together.

    A good authoring program can do a fair job of this. I personally prefer NeroVision Express 3 for simple DVD designs. DVD-Lab has a lot more flexibility, along with complexity. I seldom need it.

    I recommend you get a good authoring program and learn to use it.
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