There is a Florida Internet streaming TV site ( that has just started a new "Indie Filmmaker's Channel" on their site. They are looking for independent films to add to the stream. No money (of course) but at least a showcase for public viewing in what may be a growing trend on the Internet. They request the movies in 512kbs .wmv files for streaming. I made contact with them a couple of weeks ago and, yesterday, they launched the channel using "Puss N Boots - NOT!" as the first movie in the stream. As they get additional movies they will be added to the stream. The stream will loop continiously, showing all the movies in serial. I'm pimping their site today because I have found them to be nice folks and I'm just trying to help them get better established. And also help my fellow video editing junkies find outlets. There is an email link on the channel banner on their site to contact them, if you are interested.