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    Hi guys, I need some advice.

    What would be the best video editing pc i could get for 1000. I already have a few lcd screens so I will just be buying the base unit.

    i have been searching on the internet for around a week now and it has just confused me even more .

    Any help would be great.


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    I think specifics are largely a matter of personal choice / taste, but a few things can be confidently stated.

    Processor - Fast dual core. AMD or Intel core duo are the tops.

    But dont the fastest ar they cost bucket and you will need lots of drive space.

    System drive , am a great fan of 10,000rpm raptors, they really do make your system more responsive.

    Storgage - seperate big sata drives.

    G card - nothing jazzy unless you play games.

    Ram - run in dual channel mode, not less than one really and ywo is fine and dandy. 4 I think is over the top.

    I just purchased a core duo 2,16 (next faster was much more expensive), small raptor 100,000 system drive, a 320 gig and a 400 gig sata for video, basic dx9 card, 2 gig of ram for under 700 quid.

    Considor 800 ram, i got 566 cos of the price but i think my system has a ram bottleneck at times, but i have to say i really dont know what I am talking about teccy wise....

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    thanks for the help mate.

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