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Thread: Converting Digital Camera Movie Clips

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    Default Converting Digital Camera Movie Clips

    I want to transfer video files from my digital still camera, to be able to stitch them together, and then play them on a domestic DVD player like I do with my digital camcorder. My digital camera (KodaK V570) produces video files in .mov format. This file format does not appear to be recognised by Windows Movie Maker.

    Does anyone know how to convert my camera digital movies to appropriate files?

    Hopefully, there will be a simple answer? I hope so!



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    Thanks for that- looks a good programme. Sorry to be thick, but can you (or anyone else) give a little background of the files that I need to create to be able to play them back on a domestic DVD player? When creating movies, I seem to remember that there were video_ts and audio_ts files. Do I need to get my camera files converted to these formats?

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    Thanks for all the advice. Super C works a treat:

    I downloaded Super C, and set the 3 outputs at the top to 1) Mpg (Mpeg 11), 2) MPEG-!!, and 3) mp2.

    Drag in the files one by one, using your Explorer window in the background. Press the "Encode" button, and converted Mpeg 2 files land in a folder C- Program Files- eRightSoft- Super C- Output. Press "Encode"

    I then used Nero Vision to burn the files onto disk, and show through my domestic DVD player on tele.

    I can now show my elderly relatives my clips without the hassle of a computer!

    Thanks for all assistance. Hope that my findings are of assistance. If anyone has used the programme and has further advice, please let me know.


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