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    Default Fuzzy Audio

    Hi, Il tel you how im set-up then what the problem is.

    I filmed this Wedding for a friend on my Canon XM-1, and there was another guy filming at the wedding with a home standard camera (Sony i think), and I basicly had to put both videos together, on APP v7.0, as my camera was the best I stuck with the sound on my camera which was much better and didnt want to keep changing because you can notice it really bad.

    Export > Movie

    -File type: Microsoft DV AVI
    -Range: Entire Sequence
    -Export video and Audio
    -Embedded options: none

    -Compressor: DV (Pal)
    -Colour Depth: Millions of Colours
    Frame Size: 720 x 576
    -Pixel aspect Ration: D1 / DV PAL (1.067)
    -Recompress: Main Data Rate

    Keyframe and Rendering
    -Fields: Lower Field First
    -Optimize Skills

    -Compressor: Uncompressed
    -Sample Rate: 48000Hz
    -Sample Type: 16-bit
    -Channels: Stereo
    -Interleave: 1 Second (was on 1 frame but tried 1/2 second and now 1 second to see the difference but doesnt change much)

    Been editing the video for a while today i managed to finish it (well kinda) and tried exporting it and I get this fuzzy sound sometimes (i think its when it gets loud), and cant think of anything that may get rid of it, specially because it plays fine on the timeline, im just trying now to make the DVD to see if its still there because I have no idea.
    I have put a few sound effects on some of the clips, for example "The Dance" because it was so loud and a bit distorted,but didnt apply it to all the clips, i was thinking of nesting the sequence and try and make everything a bit quiter but I dont even know if its too quite already or too loud, Im not new to editing, but i am new to APP v7.0, ive learned alot about it but theres loads of things i dont understand, sound just happens to be one of them, maybe someone can help me because the friend who's waiting wants to show their wedding to her grandparents who werent well so couldnt make it to the wedding, obviously that makes me feel extra bad and wanting to finish it as quickly as possible.

    If any more info needed just ask, I check this site pretty frequently (learn alot too lol)

    Thanks Guys (sorry for the essay)

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    Did anyone ever get this guy an answer? I'm having somewhat the same problem where the sound is great during the playback within APP, but when I export it I get some crackles here and there (in other words poor sound).

    Is there a need to render the timeline prior to exporting? I only learned that I could render the timeline (which improves the playback within APP) but have not tried to export after having rendered the timeline yet.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Solution!!!

    Hey mate,

    I never got the responce for this problem but figure it out myself!

    I exported it and it made crackely sounds here and there, it was a wedding i was editing so its defenitly no option to even think about trying to blend it in, after i even tried to export to a DVD and it still did the same(just to make sure it wasnt my sound card options).

    So i tried something (which worked for me), which was lower the sound on the actual timeline, because i had so many little clips everywhere and from 2 diferent camers the sounds were diferent and when i adjusted the sound i was on a clip from the worse camera out of the 2 so obviously the sound wasnt as good and had to turn it up and made the clips from my (good camera lol) too high, i did adjust the sound and it came out just right but what i did was listen to a song on Media player and adjusted the speakers sound to how i thought it was the right volume, then just switched over to APP and adjusted the sound on all clips by adjusting each one to the volume setting.
    Off cource that was just a home made quick solution there may be many more and much better ones and APP probably could do something in less than half the time i took but i did what i thought was best to my knowledge, hope it helps...

    Im more than happy to help, anymore problems just say

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    Thanks. For some reason when the video was compressed is when I would get the bad sound. I ended up exporting it as an uncompressed video and it played fine. Then I used Roxio 8 to make put it on DVD and it works fine (I would get the same bad sound when burning straight from APP to DVD). As much as I HATE Roxio 8 (too many bugs and no support), it seems to have saved the day... at least this time around.

    Thanks again!

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