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Thread: Convert .RAM streams and Utube/Google video to avi

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    Default Convert .RAM streams and Utube/Google video to avi

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but how can I convert video from youtube/google video into AVI (or another windows format like WMV) for importing into Vegas 6 and editing. Also, I have a streaming ASP file for a Real Video, and I was wondering how to convert this into a proper-editable format.


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    Not sure about the google video format,but you can check the web shareware or videoFAQ for information you want.
    May be a video converter can solve your problem

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    solved the utube/google video now thanks. For the record, get a programme called Super (c) and it can "apparently" convert anything to anything - completely free.

    My only problem now is turning a 1kb ASP file that launches in Media Player Classic / RealPlayer into an AVI I can use elsewhere.

    Any ideas?

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    Google 'wm recorder 11'.

    It has never failed to capture any streams for me, even the bbc real streams. Suceeds where other stream grabbers fail, well for me anyway.

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    Thanks Mark - it works a treat. Although Super converter would only convert the RM file to MP4 which then needed converting to WMV by Vegas.

    Also, nice demo - I much prefer them when thy don't expire after a set amount of time, and max 1 min time limit was fine for me

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