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Thread: Please Help!...what Is The Best Audio Enhancement Software??

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    Default Please Help!...what Is The Best Audio Enhancement Software??

    Hi everyone,thanks for taking a minute to read my post.

    I have just got married Couldn't afford a professional videographer for footage, so I used in-law's camcorder which turned out a bit rough!

    Problem is, the wedding was outside. The camcorder was about 10 feet away from where I was standing for the ceremony saying my vows and it was quite a windy day.

    The end result is that you can barely hear mine and my wife's words over the wind and any other noises going on and I want to try and find some software that will allow me to dissect/split the audio so I can either enhance the sounds of our voice or remove the obstructing sounds over our voices (or both)

    Don't have much experience with video/audio editing software so a reasonably user friendly program would be ideal, but at the same time I want the most powerful/effective one there is, so all suggestions are welcomed.

    Once I get that sorted, I want to do some video fading in/out. Fairly basic stuff I guess, but mentioned it in case there is an video/audio all in one package anyone can recommend?

    Thanks for all your time and comments in advance!

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    Audition has the tools you need and for a limited budget check out a program called Goldwave it is cheap but has some excellent capabilities.

    you say you are not really very experienced with A/V editing, well this is jumping in at the deep end, so get reading up, take your time make lots of copies of the original sound and try different techniques so you can compare them, this will help you to know if you are getting better or worse results.
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    thank you for your reply so quickly, will look into those asap. Other suggestions still welcome!

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    Audacity. Free and will take all sorts of plug-ins which is what you will need. Lots of filters to play with.

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    Cheers Evereddie!...Am impressed with all you guys and this forum. Have put this same post in 5 other video editing forums and none of them have replied. I posted this last night but still haven't transferred the footage from the vhs-c tape onto the computer yet becuase from previous forun posting experience, I wasn't expecting as much and as good of a reply as I have from here, so thanks again and still keep any offers coming. I would like to try as many different ones as possible to get the best result. thanks again!

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