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Thread: Going crazy here, vegas 7.0 help!

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    Default Going crazy here, vegas 7.0 help!

    Hey, new here. I am trying to edit and render a video I am working on for a school project. I recorded off of a dvd recorder, copied the vob file to my computer and converted them to wmv through intervideo dvdcopy5 and all is well.

    I have been using vegas 6.0 for a month or so and know all the basics. For some reason, all of a sudden vegas now crashes and closes randomly. I thought maybe my vegas was corrupted somehow, so I removed vegas 6 from my computer and d/l'ed the free trial for vegas 7.

    I still have the problem of it closing randomly. I am very close to finishing my video, and i have been working on it for over 6 months!

    I am trying to render it and be done with it but it wont render. It will just close, or get to 1% or so and close. I am guessing my virtual memory is low and i am lacking RAM.

    Computer specs:
    Dell dimension e310.
    512 RAM
    ummm, sorrry I dont know much else to say. I really need help. I can buy more RAM, if you think that would help. It is a brand new computer, also. Like I said in my title, I am going crazy here.

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    if anyone can help, please dont hestitate to reply.

    I am on a deadline. i need to have it rendered by Nov. 19th....

    Im at organja420 also, that would be great!

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the double post!

    EDIT: I just tried rendering again, for the heck of it since last week it worked and I rendered a lil bit.

    any ways I decided to only render 1 min. and 30 seconds worth, and sure enough it started rendering and actually finished! I was so excited lol, so now I guess I will just render a minute at a time, until I am done. The video is 12 mins long so I should be done in the next few days!

    Still, any help is very appreciated! And here is an error I got last night when I tried to render. It said an error occured and then I cliked details, and got this..:

    Sony Vegas 7.0 TRIAL
    Version 7.0b (Build 151)
    Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0xFF24202D IP:0x7C918090
    In Module 'ntdll.dll' at Address 0x7C900000 + 0x18090
    Thread: VideoCache ID=0x13A0 Stack=0x279F000-0x27A0000
    EAX=00000000 CS=001b EIP=7c918090 EFLGS=00010282
    EBX=0c2b0000 SS=0023 ESP=0279f50c EBP=0279f520
    ECX=0279f54c DS=0023 ESI=ff242025 FS=003b
    EDX=00006000 ES=0023 EDI=0279f54c GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    7C918090: 39 56 08 0F 82 E4 01 00 9V......
    7C918098: 00 85 C0 0F 85 55 2B 01 .....U+.
    Stack Dump:
    0279F50C: 003E0000 003E0000 + 0
    0279F510: 00000006
    0279F514: 003E0033 003E0000 + 33
    0279F518: 0C2B0030 0C2B0000 + 30
    0279F51C: 00000000
    0279F520: 0279F558 026A0000 + FF558
    0279F524: 7C918238 7C900000 + 18238 (ntdll.dll)
    0279F528: 003E0000 003E0000 + 0
    0279F52C: 0C2B0000 0C2B0000 + 0
    0279F530: 0279F54C 026A0000 + FF54C
    0279F534: 00000000
    0279F538: 00000AF0
    0279F53C: 00000000
    0279F540: 003E0000 003E0000 + 0
    0279F544: 0279F533 026A0000 + FF533
    0279F548: 000FD200 00040000 + BD200
    > 0279F55C: 7C911C76 7C900000 + 11C76 (ntdll.dll)
    > 0279F578: 7C910732 7C900000 + 10732 (ntdll.dll)
    > 0279F598: 7C90EE18 7C900000 + EE18 (ntdll.dll)
    > 0279F59C: 7C910738 7C900000 + 10738 (ntdll.dll)
    > 0279F5AC: 7C9106EB 7C900000 + 106EB (ntdll.dll)
    > 0279F5DC: 7C90EE18 7C900000 + EE18 (ntdll.dll)
    > 0279F5E0: 7C910570 7C900000 + 10570 (ntdll.dll)
    > 0279F5E8: 7C91056D 7C900000 + 1056D (ntdll.dll)
    > 0279F5EC: 77C2C2DE 77C10000 + 1C2DE (msvcrt.dll)
    > 0279F5F8: 77C2C2E3 77C10000 + 1C2E3 (msvcrt.dll)
    > 0279F624: 77C35C94 77C10000 + 25C94 (msvcrt.dll)
    > 0279F628: 77C12070 77C10000 + 2070 (msvcrt.dll)
    > 0279F630: 77C2C2E3 77C10000 + 1C2E3 (msvcrt.dll)
    > 0279F634: 0B04688F 0AF90000 + B688F (WMVCore.DLL)
    0279F638: 7627C008 76180000 + FC008
    0279F63C: 7627C008 76180000 + FC008
    0279F640: 0279F658 026A0000 + FF658
    > 0279F644: 0B046D26 0AF90000 + B6D26 (WMVCore.DLL)
    0279F648: 00000001
    0279F64C: 0000001F
    0279F650: 2234F4D8 202D0000 + 207F4D8
    0279F654: 573E2C48 51950000 + 5A92C48
    > 0279F670: 09A90002 09A80000 + 10002 (WMASF.DLL)
    0279F674: 00000000
    0279F678: 00000002
    0279F67C: 00000000
    0279F680: 4BF20002 4A260000 + 1CC0002
    > 0279F68C: 09A9A9A2 09A80000 + 1A9A2 (WMASF.DLL)
    0279F690: 4BF26108 4A260000 + 1CC6108
    0279F694: 0279F6A4 026A0000 + FF6A4
    > 0279F698: 09A9A90F 09A80000 + 1A90F (WMASF.DLL)
    0279F69C: 4BF26104 4A260000 + 1CC6104
    0279F6A0: 5A520010 59950000 + BD0010
    0279F6A4: 0279F6C0 026A0000 + FF6C0
    > 0279F6A8: 09A9A9BF 09A80000 + 1A9BF (WMASF.DLL)
    - - -
    0279FFF0: 00000000
    0279FFF4: 0058C290 00400000 + 18C290 (vegas70.exe)
    0279FFF8: 00A7D2C4 00400000 + 67D2C4 (vegas70.exe)
    0279FFFC: 00000000

    ^^Mean anything??^^
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    Well, jsut tried rendering antoehr minute of my video, I guess I got greedy. another error occured and it had to close down. Heres the error:

    Sony Vegas 7.0 TRIAL
    Version 7.0b (Build 151)
    Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0x0 IP:0x0
    In Module 'vegas70.exe' at Address 0x0 + 0x0
    Thread: ProgMan ID=0x11E4 Stack=0x20AF000-0x20B0000
    EAX=00a76528 CS=001b EIP=00000000 EFLGS=00210206
    EBX=30073ee8 SS=0023 ESP=020afa10 EBP=8007000e
    ECX=02306390 DS=0023 ESI=02306070 FS=003b
    EDX=00000000 ES=0023 EDI=02306104 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    00000000: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ........
    00000008: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ........
    Stack Dump:
    020AFA10: 398C46BE 396A0000 + 2246BE (vegas70k.dll)
    020AFA14: 02306390 022A0000 + 66390
    020AFA18: 00000000
    020AFA1C: 00A76528 00400000 + 676528 (vegas70.exe)
    020AFA20: 00000000
    020AFA24: 00000000
    020AFA28: 00000000
    020AFA2C: 00000000
    020AFA30: 00000000
    020AFA34: 8000FFFF
    020AFA38: 023C6040 022A0000 + 126040
    020AFA3C: 00000002
    020AFA40: 02306070 022A0000 + 66070
    020AFA44: 00711B11 00400000 + 311B11 (vegas70.exe)
    020AFA48: 02306070 022A0000 + 66070
    020AFA4C: 0066E1B0 00400000 + 26E1B0 (vegas70.exe)
    > 020AFA54: 00A76528 00400000 + 676528 (vegas70.exe)
    020AFA58: 00000001
    020AFA5C: 023C6040 022A0000 + 126040
    020AFA60: 0186E268 017F0000 + 7E268
    020AFA64: 00000000
    > 020AFA68: 00711EE6 00400000 + 311EE6 (vegas70.exe)
    020AFA6C: 023C6040 022A0000 + 126040
    020AFA70: 02306070 022A0000 + 66070
    020AFA74: 30073EE8 2FF40000 + 133EE8
    020AFA78: 00000001
    > 020AFA98: 0067FFC0 00400000 + 27FFC0 (vegas70.exe)
    - - -
    020AFFF0: 00000000
    020AFFF4: 00519870 00400000 + 119870 (vegas70.exe)
    020AFFF8: 00A7B168 00400000 + 67B168 (vegas70.exe)
    020AFFFC: 00000000

    ^^im going to bed now, hopefully when I get home from work tomorow, someone will be able to help me out. Thanks

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    I don't think this is a RAM issue, although generally the more the better. I frequently edit and render on my laptop when I'm away, that has 512 RAM and I've never had a problem other than overall speed of render.

    Have you tried rendering out to a different format to see if that will work?

    Some of the more techy types on here may be able to decode your error message. Fingers crossed for you...

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    Im not a techy type, But looking at your error message. I would try and re-install. Looks like you could be missing some DLL's.

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    So the crash only occurs at render time? You said you have been working on this project for some time now, but has this work ever entailed actually rendering your work (i.e. is this the first time you have tried to render the file(s) that cause this crash?

    What I'm getting at is that perhaps Vegas didn't start crashing out of the blue, but rather is crashing now that you are trying something you haven't before.

    You could help troubleshoot the problem by:
    1.) Rendering a different file, of the same format. If it doesn't crash, that would tell us that it is very likely that there is something about your specific file(s) that Vegas doesn't like.
    2.) Try rendering another file, of another format.

    If you are not going to reinstall the software, then you need to try out the suggestions here so there is more info to work with.

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    thanks for the replies guys.

    I think maybe I should just reinstall vegas.

    Do I just remove if from my computer and redownload it?

    BTW, this is not the first time I have tried to render. I rendered plenty of times earlier so I could see what my quality looked like etc.

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    Just make sure you dont delete the .veg file when you un-install vegas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DuSsT View Post
    thanks for the replies guys.

    Do I just remove if from my computer and redownload it?

    BTW, this is not the first time I have tried to render. I rendered plenty of times earlier so I could see what my quality looked like etc.
    Yes. If it still crashes, you may have a bad mix of DLL's in the window's system folder.

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    what are DLL's and how do I fix it? thanks guys

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