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Thread: Replacing background?

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    Default Replacing background?

    Hi, Im thinking about doing up some footage for a promo im going to do for a camp. Im keen on putting the year befores footage behind someone talking... so a couple of questions.

    1# What is the best background to film on? Blue, green what?

    2# Im running 1.5pro, can this be done... im pretty sure it can. If so how!?

    Thanks in advanced guys.

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    green and no creases.

    Yes Ppro can do this but not brilliantly.

    keep the person talking about 6' to 8' away from the green screen, light them from behind so you don't get any shadows on the green, and then use slightly softer lights, to light the green and another just above the camera height and slightly to 1 side to light their face. The for the green screen should be quite soft, if it is to bright like spot light you will get different shades across it. Ppro tends to leave quite jagged edges, so the tighter the shot the better.


    Just say stuff all that and just go for it, you MIGHT get lucky.

    Try some test footage, don't just shoot it and think I'll deal with it later, because the chances are you will have to change the setup a few times to get the best results.

    The effects you will need are in the Keying folder in the effects list. Add your green screen footage to layer 2 and the background to layer 1, then drop the chroma key or color key on layer 2 and choose your colour, tweak the slider and pray.
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    Ah right, thanks. Im going to give it a wurl. I think it will turn out just fine *cross fingers*

    Thanks for you input

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    The decision as to whether to go blue or green screen, for me, would depend on the content.

    If your 'talent' is wearing blue then do not use a bllue screen as your chroma key will take out the clothing as well (depending on exact settings of course).

    I tend to wear blue jeans rather than green jeans so green is my choice of background cloth genarally.

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    Green jeans... now why didn't someone think of that before (lol).

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    They have, come to Australia
    Young wipasnippers have them on everywhere,
    whats worse is that they now pay $600 (250p) for jeans with little pockets that are made to hold their ipods in!
    Who would think coming up with the idea to put a small pocket in the front of your jeans and give it a name like 'ipod pouch'
    would actually work. Well it has!


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