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Thread: Ultimate FREE SFX links

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    I'm looking for a specific but familiar sound. I've looked through some of these sights, but just haven't found it. I don't really know what to call it. It is kind of a little cartoon/video game type victory sound, like a "bum ba bummm!" sort of thing. Anybody found that? You'd think it would be common, and maybe it is and I just can't find it because it doesn't really have a definitive title.

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    There's quite a few there Luke!
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    Great links Luke, thanks.

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    I hope it is acceptable to recommend my own website here, which has royalty-free music, and several thousand sound effects for download. Most cost a small amount to purchase, but there is a section of free stuff on there too that includes sfx
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    Any idea if there is an particular site out there that specializes itself in SFX for film trailers? (Drums, Impacts, Swishes etc.)

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