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Thread: Prem 6 Asking for later file??

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    Default Prem 6 Asking for later file??

    Hi Everyone, Do hpe someone can help me please!!

    I have Prem 6 - Matrox RT2000 -and Windows 2000.

    System has been working fine for several years until Sunday evening, when trying to open the two and a half hour long project I was working on, and a message appeared saying:

    This file was created in a later version of Premeire. Which of course it wasn't.
    Nothing has been added to the system in years.

    I go to the Adobe archive file in Programme files and manage to find a saved copy, sadly no a recent one.

    So I start to work on that and doing lots of work already done before.

    I save this copy, plus also save it to another drive with another name, but when I try to reopen again I get the same error message that it was created in a later version.

    Can someone please help, and also let me know what they think is going wrong.



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    Recently I bought Adobe Premier Elements 2.0, and I had a problem which i even posted on here, about the DVD templates just disapeared and would load up.
    I found them under their directory and tried drag and drop on the program but wouldnt load up, so I Googled it and found out that for some unknown reason the it hadnt been installed properly, the problem was the program was looking for a specific folder and it wasnt there, well it was but under a different name and all i had to do was rename the folder, so im guessing thats what's happened to you, try searching for it....if you cant find anything, then you'll have to find someone who has the same program and ask them what it says under their directory folders to match them all.

    Another thing is, i have APP 7.0 and my saved projects are saved under my documents, it was just installed like that i never changed it, so i dont know if it would be the same for you but they have certain forlders for, conformed audio, preview files etc..., so maybe you have deleted some folders and put everything together just to be tidier and didnt realise it would make a problem.

    All the Best


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    Default Thanks. Idea???

    Thanks ever so much for getting back.

    Not sure but I think I may have found the answer to the problem, not sure just a guess maybe someone would like to comment.

    I use two 80GB separate Hard Drives. Last week my G drive was 80% full so for the first time ever I decided to alter my scrath discs to capture to D instead of the usual G.

    So I captured the rest of the project on the D Drive. The first thing I noticed was that all the audio had changed from 48HZ 16 bit to 0Hz 8 bit. Anyway, to cut a long story short the next morning when I turned on the computer on everything was back to normal. Until of course when I tried to open the project the following day when it said that the file I was looking for had been opened in a later Prem Edition.

    I came to this conclusion because I could open any saved copy of the project prior to me changing the scrath discs, but any after just would not open.

    I would be most grateful for any comments.

    Thanks once again for getting back.


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