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Thread: Time-Lapse and cars!

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    Default Time-Lapse and cars!

    Hi guys,

    I'm working on my A Level film project and one of the shots I need is cars streaming past the camera. OK, this is really easy to do, the only problem I get puzzled by is, on some of the videos I have watched on YouTube the cars have streaks of the car lights trailing behind them, which ever speed, which ever capture method I use I can't get those streaks!
    can anybody give any advice? I am using Adobe Premiere 6.0.

    Here are a couple of examples to give you a better idea of whats going on.
    This video is amazing, one of my favourates on YouTube:

    And here is my example:

    quite a difference huh?!

    the sooner the better only have a couple of weeks left until the deadline.
    thank you for your time

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    The time lapse movie was taken with a stills camera taking a burst of 3 to 5 shots every 2 or 3 secs.

    The trick is to have the camera very still so nothing chances except the moving parts of the image. I have wanted to try 1 of these for a while but never seem to get time.

    To do this with a video camera you could try speeding the footage up to 2000% increase the contrast and the brightness and add motion blur, but you will require somewhere that is quite well lit so that the vid cam can pick up the background.
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    the easy method of doing this is simply having a low shutter speed on the camera when filming..

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    if you are just using a bog standard dv cam i would film a section and in prem pro speed it up a ton..... then add slight ghosting effect which, i think, should give you the streaks from the headlights.... i can imagin that some brightness & contrast changes will need to be made
    also maybe add a little motion blur on top of the ghosting to soften it up - i cant imagin mush would be needed.

    let us know if you get it done - i would like to see it also tell us your process!

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    Exellent, thanks a for the reply everybody! I only have a standard dv camera, so Komatoast's post is just what I needed! I will keep you updated with it.

    *edit* Done a bit of work to it, but couldn't get the streaks. Still it looks a lot better than it did, here is an updated video
    (might have to wait for a little while before you watch it, only just uploaded, and may give an error)
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    I've used the Ghosting effect in Premiere and you only get two extra images along with the main image. It looks ok on the computer monitor but when you burn the movie to DVD and play it back on a tv, the same effect is very stroby and jumpy, so I was disappointed with it. And also there are no controls for you to change on it.

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    yeah the ghosting didnt work the way i thought it would...... i will have a think and get back to you

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    <--- is this what you are after?

    anyhoo hear is what i am thinking...... forget the ghosting cos that really didnt work.

    try changing your brightness and contrast so you have some very bright headlights and evertying else pretty dark.
    speed it up even more, once speeded up i think there is some way to add an exposure filter or something to increase the intensity of the light.
    if that doesnt work try exporting the footage and adding the exposure/colour correct to the exported footage.

    all this is just off the top of my head and i am trying to remember effects in prem as i dont have it in front of me

    im thinking you are not going to be able to get a really natural looking effect as its all done with a long shutter :(

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    yup that is the thing I want, thanks for the advice . But it doesn't work :/ ever mind, I'm just going to settle with what I've got :(
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will88 View Post
    yup that is the thing I want, thanks for the advice . But it doesn't work :/ ever mind, I'm just going to settle with what I've got :(
    i am sorry about that im sure there must be some way to do it with out a camera that allows over-exposure

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