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Thread: New to DV editing - please help!

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    Default New to DV editing - please help!

    This is my set up:

    2800xp processor
    512 mb ram
    128mb ATI All-in-wonder Card

    Firewire connection
    WIN DVD editing

    Just thought I would try my hand at editing some of my DV tapes on my new PC bu the results have been poor.

    I uploaded a small clip via firewire on AVI at 3640kb/sec and burned it on to DVD-R. AVI seemed to be the highest quality available.

    I then whacked it in my normal DVD player to view on the TV. The results were only just acceptable. The picture lacked any definition and sharpness, and were slightly pixelated.

    Am I doing somthing wrong? Do I need better editing software (win DVD was free with the computer) or is this normal.

    I would appreciate any constructive comments.

    Thanks in advance.

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    No, it shouldn't be normal, but it frequently is. Not all MPEG encoders are created equal and you'll get varying results with different encoding applications. Generally speaking, the lower end apps don't offer much scope for tweaking the encoding process. Try encoding your AVI to MPEG2 using TMPGenc using one of the default templates, then use ifoedit to create the VOBs and your buring app to put them on DVD. Search the forums to find a guide to ifoedit.
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