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    I manage a video production house in Singapore (Bamboo Pictures)specialising in corporate videos. Professional video production equipment is comparatively cheaper than in UK and US. So it's a video geek heaven of sorts.

    My favorite shopping haunt is Sim Lim Tower. It's mainly an electronic parts supermarket hawking things ranging from batteries to circuit boards.

    G&G Electronics Enterprise (Tel:6294466 on the 2nd floor specialises in video production gear - even the hard-to-find stuff like PAL-NTSC System converters and LANC remotes. They also stock master-quality miniDV and DVCAM tapes. You can also find the cheapest Taiwan-made Luxmen 300W video lights at just SGD120 a pop.

    A floor above at unit #03-05 is Sinter Electrical Company Pte Ltd. They are a gaffer's candy-store with their assortment of lightbulbs (or lamps) for practically any kind of lighting.

    For sound equipment, I rely on Hung Brothers Electrical Trading in Sim Lim Square. Challenge these guys with your most perplexing miking problems and I'm sure they can cobble up a solution from their infinite range of microphones, pre-amps, mixers and recorders.

    Finally for those who are setting up your own virtual studios and post-production units, go to AV8 Media at 101 Building. They are the sole distributors for Canopus and UK's Reflecmedia.

    Bamboo Pictures
    10 Anson Road
    Singapore 079903

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    I've deleted the other thread identical to this one. Please dont post multiple threads with the same message.

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    never heard of that company before. not that popular.

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