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Thread: noob requesting help with a Kung fu project.

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    Default noob requesting help with a Kung fu project.

    hi i dont even know whether this is the correct forum or not but here it goes:-
    i am trying to find out how to do somthing i have never done before but i am finding it very puzzling, here's the brief.
    i have to make a short movie, a training movie for a kung fu school it has to consist of a small 30 second piece showing movments then the frame freezes (and here is the bit i have no idea about) a tracing paper like effect comes over the still and i then have to do drawings of lines and angles and i have no idea how to make this happen any help on software and the process of how to, much appreciated.

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    Can you use and so you have a decent video editor?

    If you are new to editing then what you want to do is no small undertaking.

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    hi its not nessasary for the project to be in fantastic quality the format i am using is 3gp nothing fantastic i have Adobe Premiere 6.5 i also have Photoshop CS +others i just dont have a clue where to start or do people thing that this is a bit to big for me to do right away????.

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    Well, you have the tools for the job, that's for sure.

    you would need to carefully make your overlaying graphics in Photoshop but remember to inclulde each element on a seperate layer and to preserve an alpha channel as the background.

    Save your graphics as PSD files and import them into your Premiere project as sequences (or whatever the right terminology was in v6.5) so you preserve the layers.

    Place each layer in turn on videop layers over your freezed frame and watch the results. To get the lines/angles etc to animate, as though being drawn, you could apply simply wipes in the direction of the lines. If each line is a different layer this is easy enough to do, if not tedious.

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    i am so glad you said that, it sounds so simple.(hmm)
    Thank you for taking the time to reply. I will give it a try Alan thank you and Mark W.

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    The tracing paper effect could just be a grey square (768 x 576 or whatever size) set to 50% transparency just like real tracing paper and you could animate it to move from left to right or vice versa over the underlying stiill frame. And as previously said, use a wipe to show the lines gradually being 'drawn' on the paper. If you were really ambitious you could use one of the symbol fonts that has a hand holding a pen or pencil, use it and animate it to draw the line.

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