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    Hi , I took a 60 minute tape from the camera and onto the pc. but the file size is 12 gig, its in avi format, does that mean to get it smaller, i need to compress it, but doing so this will lose alot of quality?


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    No doubt somebody with a littlemore time to respond will give you a fuller answer BUT in the meantime to help. Any good software will compress your avi file as a matter of course. ie if you were using prem pro and edited your avi file via this media to make a movie, your full 12gig 1 hour material would be compressed and fit on a standard dvd disc. Short answer buts gives you an idea.

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    Yep, Darren ic correct. Once you've edited out the piece, compress to MPEG2 and it will fit comfortably onto a dvd. 60 mins of video will be about 4 and a bit gb. You won't see any appreciable drop in quality.

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    you can compress it with a program VidLogo (, and the quality wouldn't be less. i've already told about this software at this forums, cause it's a great one, it's worth trying.

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    Dont compress the original footage from the camera will you... Edit on the original uncompressed file and then render it to mpeg for the dvd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fheiinve View Post
    A 1GB file can be compressed into a 115mb file without loss of original quality.
    THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE - compression is a form of data loss therefore quality loss. While the tool maybe a good compression tool Not all formats are good when compressed regeardless of the compression.

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