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Thread: New vid of I made for my Dj friend

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    Default New vid of I made for my Dj friend

    Not really too good but eh. it was fun filmin it.

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    wow.... that was really hard to watch.. im not one for lots of flash cuts that make your eyes roll back and then you wake up several hours later in a pool of sic - alto i bet thats how a few of that croud ended up

    i think if i liked that kind on music i would have been able to stick it out... the cuts went ok with the music but i think of what i was it could have been a bit tighter. the quality was pretty good though and the colours were very nice.

    i also noticed some girlies in some little outfits...... errmmmm.... NOT ENOUGH THOUGH!

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    I liked that, and the music - burned out clubber !

    A few observations - the bit rate of that stream looked like 2 mbit (ish), that is quite high and makes it hard for many to watch, I would stick to 1mbit or even 512kbit and add a high quality stream for those that can. I have a 10mbit line and it still buffered lots of times.

    Camera movement - too much, hard to enjoy and film at the same time, sure, but results are better if you try to think 'cameraman' when filming.

    Editing - Nice, went with the music but those s/screen and mirror shots can look poor if not used carefully, worked well on the orange light.

    Overall it captured the vibe well, that is important, didnt spot the girls very often

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    great video, a bit too busy in parts and the music is not my thing. But it went well with the music.

    Can you tell me what camera you used for this

    oh and the nice girly, i think you should have put more of her in. Never go wrong by putting some nice ass in a vid....sorry if any women are affended...pause...NOT
    DUDE were's my car

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    I used a gl1 there are more you can check out 2 more of the vids that are from the raves that I like better and there is a few girl's in those ones. very nice how much., on my myspace

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    I thought the way you switched audio channels in the opening was great and a nice way to extend limited footage.

    It downloaded REALLY slow to the point where I could only watch half of it. Maybe re-compress?

    What I saw though looked like you really chopped the heck out of it and made great use of limited footage.

    Nice yo!


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