hi there. for about a week now i have been sifting through threads upon threads and forums upon forums and nothing i've found has helped. i'm a noob to editing so maybe thats why i haven't even got out of the starting blocks. anyway, to my problem: i have some concert footage of a friends band that i'm trying to take off of a mini dvd. the camera i used, i believe sony was the brand, doesn't have usb or firewire capabilities. so i've come to ripping the vob off the disc and changing it to avi. its sounding simple enough (in relativeness to the much more difficult procedures out there) but i haven't been able to convert to a proper avi that will work in premiere 6.0. i understand a little about codecs. and i've used at least 10 different programs to get me nowhere. is it that premiere 6 is just too oldschool to take in new programs/codecs. or am i just a dunderhead that all you non-noobs are slapping your head and saying 'silly fool, all you have to do is ______'. well. any assistance to this dunderhead of a noob would be greatly appreciated. werd.