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Thread: Premiere Pro 2 prog' monitor pic size

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    Exclamation Premiere Pro 2 prog' monitor pic size

    Can anyone help me. I've just bought Premiere Pro 2. I cannot get a full screen pic on the program sequence monitor. It's fine on the source monitor, but when I edit it and it is transferred to the source monitor the pic is sbout half size and surrounded by black. I have tried resizing, but this only seems to enlarge the pic (and the pixels) and gives a poor quality output. When I export it to DVD the same small size appears in the middle of the TV screen. I've tried all manner of things to rectify this, with no success. Anybody out there to help?

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    It sounds like you are adding an SD video to an HD project.

    It is important that you set the project settings to match the video you are to be editing. eg: DV pal/ntsc for DV camcorder footage or HDV pal/ntsc for HDV camcorder footage. The settings in Ppro are not the final output but the input settings.
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    Thanks for that. I will try it. My camera is the Sony HVR-Z1 and so far all me editing attempts have been in HD - I did wonder if that could be the problem, but I haven't found any obvious ways to change settings. I don't find Adobe Pro 2 very user friendly that's for sure. But appreciate your time on this and will get back to you when I've had another go.

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    Oh how I admire people like you! Brilliant - thank you. I've just tried that, and it works. A very simple solution that eluded me for three days of head banging frustration. I really appreciate you putting me on the right track.

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    Cool surname Clive!!

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