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    I'm new to the digital world having just got shut of my analogue camcorder. I'm looking to get a mini DV camcorder and transfer footage onto VCD/SVCD, as I only have a CD burner not a DVD burner on my PC.

    I basically need to know what hardware I will need to do this and minimum specs etc for my PC. I'm not really interested in editing to any great degree, just transferring to (S)VCD. I already have NERO burning package. Am I right in thinking a basic Firewire card with basic software will be enough to capture and then encode to MPEG? Then using NERO to burn (S)VCD?

    Any help greatly appreciated as mags seem to give conflicting reports!!! Some even say USB is enough and no need for Firewire!?!?


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    Jump on over to and read the guides you find there. They'll give you so much more than I can write here.

    One point though, forget USB. If you have a digital camcorder then firewire is what you want. Make sure you have an OHCI firewire port and you'll be laughing at how easy it all is.

    Basically, any spec PC you can buy now will do the job but do NOT be stingey on RAM. Min would be 512Mb. Also, plenty of hard drive space. Captured video runs at 1Gb for five minutes of footage.

    Also, have a bit of a trawl through the 'Perfect Video Editing PC' forum to see other views on hardware requirements and preferences.

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